Pet Portraits


Make them a masterpiece! Thought about having a unique modern portrait made for your furry friend? I create bright portraits full of color and personality. Whether you want to memorialize a lost friend or celebrate one who is still here, let’s get started!

Aussie Shepherd

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About Me

Hi, I’m Jenna! I’m a mixed media painter, pet portrait artist and all around lover of color. I’ve been an artist all my life but it took art school, some big life changes and uncovering who I really was to discover my unique voice as an artist. Now I’m making work that makes me happy and helping other artists to rediscover their creative expression and find their purpose.

My Work

As an Expressionist painter and visual storyteller, I work from within; revealing my emotions through bright color, complex texture and unique composition. Creative expression reveals my truths and connects me to my voice.

I work largely intuitively, incorporating my technical training as an illustrator to guide the creation of my work. My art tells the story of who I am and my hope is that it will connect with others wanting to bravely tell their own story.

Jenna’s art is vibrant, colorful storytelling that’s rich with feminine magic! I had the opportunity to be painted as one of her “muses” and the finished product not only was beautiful, it felt like she captured part of my essence that only a true visionary could divine!

I have a few of her pieces of work, what I love the most is where her artistry takes your imagination… to other worlds right in front of your eyes.

If you get a chance to buy a print, or get a commissioned piece from her, I highly recommend bringing her work into your home. It will liven up your space with brilliant use of color, beautiful vulnerability and a touch of whimsy and magic!

Mētztli Wolf

Professional Intuitive, Revolutionary Mystic

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