Jenna Bowles

Visual Storyteller

I’ve been making art since I could hold a paintbrush and in the beginning I just created. There were no rules, no barriers, no hesitation. I couldn’t help but reveal myself through my creations. It was an extension of who I was. My joy and my dreams, unedited and raw.

After many years of art education and four years at a private art school I had made so many things, honed my craft, and been given more advice than I even knew what to do with. But I had also decided that art was serious. I had spent so much of my life studying it and preparing myself to have a career in art one day. I felt the pressure to succeed as a professional artist. And then I didn’t.

Sure, I had a few sales here and there and a few commissions every now and again. I had a website I made by myself and every few years I’d decide to try again and get back into my art. But mostly I avoided making work for one reason or another. I had too much going on, I was going through a difficult time, working too much, in a new relationship. I had forgotten that art could be a refuge. A way to explore and express my story and connect with my true self. A place to feel free.

When I start to feel like my life has no color, it means I haven’t painted enough.

  • Innovative Storyteller
  • Color Virtuoso
  • Visionary Painter

My Story

It had taken me 34 years to realize that choosing not to create was denying who I was. I was born an artist with a vibrant story to tell. It was time to tell it. All of it.

Rediscovering where art fit in my life was the beginning of a big shift for me: from full-time employee to full-time artist. I was working three jobs, making a decent amount of money but felt like art was an afterthought. After being laid off from one job and knowing my contract with another would end soon, I decided it was time to walk my talk and make this art thing happen.

I want to inspire you to be brave with your art. To be brave with your life.

So I jumped in with both feet and haven’t looked back. Becoming a creative entrepreneur is still a learning curve, but being able to commit to my work and the life I’ve always dreamed of feels incredible. I’m building my life on my terms. I’m a visual storyteller and I’m creating my very own fairy tale. I want to inspire you to be brave with your art. To be brave with your life. I want to help you remember why you started making things in the first place.

My home is in Santa Rosa, California where I paint in my little corner studio. I live with some pretty swell people and some pretty snuggly animals. I’m also a practicing birth doula (pregnancy and labor coach) helping people birth their own creations into the world. Playing in the garden, cooking dinner with friends and binge watching period pieces or drag queens is how I spend most of my free time. Life is good.

My Creative Process

It all begins with a heartfelt spilling out of color onto canvas. Connecting with my inner world and setting an intention. It’s kind of like a conversation between myself and the painting. We flow with one another until it all feels right to move to the next step.

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