Pet Portraits


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A custom pet portrait is one of the most special gifts someone can receive. It’s my honor to have been chosen to commemorate your most treasured pets! 

Orange and White Maine Coon

How Does it work?

So you’ve decided you want to have a portrait made. What now? Take a look at the chart below to determine what size and budget you feel comfortable with. 

Once you’ve decided on a size, click the “SIGN UP NOW” button towards the bottom of the page to submit your order and upload photos.

50% Deposit is due upon ordering. SHIPPING COSTS are paid by the patron before shipping and can range from $15-$300 depending on size. Payment plans are available for purchases over $300. Email me at to discuss terms.

You will receive your color sketch within 7 business days for approval. After it is approved, I will begin to create your portrait over the next 3-4 weeks. Once the finished painting is complete, I will send photos for approval and final changes. Once complete, I collect the final fee plus shipping and ship the painting out within 3 business days. **Shipping times may be delayed due to Coronavirus Social Distancing Measures.

Let’s get started on sizes and pricing!

Pet Portrait Pricing

All Pet Portraits are created on 1.5″ Deep Gallery Wrapped Canvas. Prices include one pet per portrait, though multiple animals can be accommodated in a single painting for an additional fee, see below. *10×10 sizes are available in LIMITED QUANTITY for a LIMITED TIME! 5×5 size is no longer available.

Portrait Pricing for Single Pet


11×14 *Popular!         $175

16×20                       $300

18×24                       $425

24×36                       $575

30×40                       $750

36×36                       $750

36×48                       $975

48×48                       $975

2 Pets – Add $30

3 Pets – Add $50

4 Pets – Add $75


The Pet Portrait Experience

What can I expect? It begins with a conversation about your desires for your piece and your ideas for it’s unique creation. We’ll get on the same page about expectations and vision through the concept development stage. From there, I’ll begin to bring the piece to life with a rough color sketch. All along the way, I’ll be updating you on the progress and sending you photos. You will see your piece evolve into a finished painting ready to be sent lovingly to your doorstep. The process takes roughly 3-4 weeks from start to finish depending on complexity and size of your portrait project.
Photos From You
Sketch and Underpainting
Pulling It All Together
Finishing Touches

Pet Portrait Style Gallery

Okay, first things first, Jenna is an amazing human being. She really cares, she’s cognizant, she’s able and willing, and she’s genuinely interested in fighting to make the world a better place.

Now, I get it— How’s that factor in to her art? But it does. Her ability to see, REALLY SEE, her muse or idea is nothing short of amazing. You can see and feel the facets of her as she pours herself into her pieces, whether it’s a quick sketch or something more complicated and intricate. She just has this vision and she translates it so well no matter what style she’s using.

I’m always impressed by her work. And you will be too. Contact her for a commission, you will not regret it.

Spencer Starr

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