My Creative Process

It all begins with a heartfelt spilling out of color onto canvas. Connecting with my inner world and setting an intention. It’s kind of like a conversation between myself and the painting. We flow with one another until it all feels right to move to the next step.

Beginning with layers of bold acrylic color, I set the mood. Working through the first layers, building texture and contrast. I notice shapes that will help build the compositional structure and begin to bring them out. If I’ve chosen collage elements, they start to find their way into the story.

The rest of the process is “working in the flow.” Moving swiftly and pausing. Creating moments of texture or color play that draw the eye into the composition again and again. I use my hands to create movement and moments of intimacy. The story develops through color and composition until the piece feels whole and complete.

Okay, first things first, Jenna is an amazing human being. She really cares, she’s cognizant, she’s able and willing, and she’s genuinely interested in fighting to make the world a better place.

Now, I get it— How’s that factor in to her art? But it does. Her ability to see, REALLY SEE, her muse or idea is nothing short of amazing. You can see and feel the facets of her as she pours herself into her pieces, whether it’s a quick sketch or something more complicated and intricate. She just has this vision and she translates it so well no matter what style she’s using.

I’m always impressed by her work. And you will be too. Contact her for a commission, you will not regret it.

Spencer Starr

My Unique Process

As an Illustrator, I was trained to execute a concept visually and that required planning. A lot of it. I used to work from thumbnail sketches to finished sketches all the way through to the finished product. Multiple drafts of very specific artistic choices. As I began exploring a more expressive approach to my work, that technique felt very limiting.

These days I sit with an idea for a while and feel it out. I follow my intuition about how a shift in composition will create a shift in how someone reacts emotionally to a piece. How the color palette creates a specific world or mood or memory. I find that working this way sets an intention, rather than a rigid plan. It allows my work to evolve organically into its most authentic form and keeps me engaged as I watch it unfold.

Commission Your Own Unique Piece

Your home is where your life happens. And it should be filled with art that feels like a part of you. It’s been my honor as an artist to create work for others that speaks their language and holds great personal value for them. I’d love to create a unique piece for you too. You deserve it.

The Custom Experience

So how does it all work? It begins with a conversation about your desires for your piece and your ideas for it’s unique creation. We’ll get on the same page about expectations and vision through the concept development stage. From there, I’ll begin to bring the piece to life with expressive color and layers. All along the way, I’ll be updating you on the progress and sending you photos. You will see your piece evolve into a finished painting ready to be sent lovingly to your doorstep.

Concept Development

Expressive Beginnings

Pulling It All Together

Finishing Touches

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